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ub8优游登录  科岛起重成立于2000年,公司总部位于江浙沪交汇的长三角腹地-昆山市。是一家专业致力于起重机及物料搬运产品的专业制造和服务供应商。

ub8优游登录  公司在重庆,广州,武汉等地均设有分公司,并在国内多个区域设有服务售后网点。




ub8优游登录  科岛起重--只做品质最好的起重机。

ub8优游登录  Kedao Lifiting was established in 2000,its headquarter lies in Kunshan city,the center of Yangtze River Delta locating in the intersection of Jiangsu,Zhejiang and Shanghai.It is a professional manufacturer and service provider which was professionally specialized in the cranes and material handling products.

  The company has its branches in Chongqing,Guangzhou,Wuhan and other citys,meanwhile,it has many after-sale service sites all over the country.

  The company adopts European design and many technical equipment like bridge cranes,portal cranes,cranes in clean room,cranes in dust-free room,trolley cranes,cantilever cranes,KBK cranes,end beam and trolleys,besides,the company also introduces many new and advanced technologies from Japan and Germany and constantly develop new products to meet the needs of market.Those products are widely used in fedlds like intellectual equipment,papermaking,electric power,vehicles,foods,metal processing,metallurgy,moulds and injection moulding,etc.

  There are departments like exhibition and experience center,projects department,R&D department,technology department,product department,quality assurance department,after-sale  department and management department,etc.All of them have been approved by the Quality and Technology Supervision Bureau and get a certificate of Manufacture License of Special Equipment people's Republic of China.Our company has established and carried the IS9000:2015 system certification standards.Our products and solutions are optimized by the computers to ensure solutions become more reasonable,safer and more efficient. 


  The products from Kedao service for many famous enterprises all over the world,it gains the trust and recognition from customers through their integrity,professional knowledge,high quality and good service. ALL stuff in Kedao will continue to be based on integrity and meet the needs and expectations from customers with high-quality service.

ub8优游登录  Kedao Lifting-Only for top-quality cranes